Co-working Space

Client: Sector 7 workspace
Date: July 23, 2017


Viman Nagar, Pune


Co-working space




10,000 Sq ft

Case study – Sector 7

Sometimes you know what you are looking for but are unable to put forth the concept in words. This was the recent case of our client from Pune. The project involved revamping of an old, unused office space located in Viman Nagar, into a workspace/café for a coworking company named Sector 7.

A part of the mandate for this office was that it should have fun, informal vibe and a place that encourages an ambience of enthusiasm.

Upon entering the office it seems you are walking through a free flowing path blending effortlessly with the elements around. The reception area makes the first brand statement when one walks into the office with a backdrop of fresh timeless design of lush and lovely vertical garden.
Dividing into 2 main zones ,the café is the striking area of the office.It is distressed rustic treat yet trendy and has an aesthetically pleasing appeal.
The bar is crafted with layers of sleeping wood with cove-lit in the façade of the counter. The colourful palette makes the place alive.

An important aspect of design was to reduce the ‘ me ‘ space and increase the ‘ we ‘ space.The furniture & seating are deliberately designed to encourage communicaton and innovative interaction.The space is also equipped for large events ,providing ample space for all hands meeting and community event,while maintaining a feeling of warmth.

All the cabins were differently designed with customised working desks and pairing the wood detail with the right shade of wall paint to bring out the beauty in both.

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