Medical Clinic

Client: Priyansh Medical
Date: November 22, 2018


Santacruz, Mumbai.




Simple & Sleek


850 Sq ft

Case study – Priyansh medical clinic

“We wanted to create an atmosphere where patients could feel relaxed and fearless,” Mr.Piyush and his father told The blue wall studio. “So we tried to avoid typical dentist colours like woods and glossy surfaces”.

The overall layout of the clinic is organised into three sections. The first is for public and reception, the second for personal cabin/medical examination area and the third space is dedicated to ECG . The area also includes a communal area, pantry, washbasin & washroom.

Interiors are designed to feel welcoming, as well as to meet clinical needs. All the furniture is custom made, and interior features vibrant blue tones offset with white walls and gray laminate.

“We wanted to create a relaxing and welcoming environment for the staff, owners and patients so we used material and colour palettes and design which are not usually associated with medical institutions,” said Vidhi our lead designer.

To break the cabin space into more personal space we created a book shelf designed in a corner pattern.Charcoal board was used as a highlighter with gray laminate.

The waiting area wall was created for patients information regarding the medical services provided and the general briefing of body parts.

Different size Back painted glass was used to create the panel with digital print.To beautify the space an additional bookshelf was added in the waiting area.

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