Textile Studio Office

Client: Mr.Lomesh Patel
Date: February 6, 2018


Milan mall, Mumbai


Office Space




650Sq ft

Case study – Textile Studio

This was to be a straightforward office project until we visited the site. The client desired a series of private meeting rooms for their Textile company office. Other than the usual program on functional office spaces required by any office, the brief here required us to create a dual purpose space functional yet aesthetical.

The biggest challenge here was there was no natural light.Having understood the brief for this space and that it required immense amount of light, we choose to play with monochrome colour palette to enhance the space.

The place is divided into two sides. A series of private meeting rooms feature a richer palette of materials on one side while there is a passage on the other which is highlighted with fancy metal wall lights.

Different materials and textures were used to achieve a modern contemporary look. Hanging fabric lights and wall  metal lights were the main attraction of the space.

The small private meeting room was designed with a decorative MDF

wall panel.Lighting underneath accentuates this feature panel design.

The table tops were covered with corian paired with gray hues

stucco wall and soothing carpet.

Glass enclosures form private offices to make the space look bigger.

The table tops were covered with corian and the backlit panel

was highlighted with metallic charcoal board. The beautiful grains

of veneer played an important role to enhance the feel of the office.

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